2022-2023 Annual Report


Piece Together Excellence

Mission and Vision

GOAL High School is so much more than just an online high school

A message from Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Constance Jones
Portrait of Dr Jones
Dr. Constance Jones
Chief Executive Officer

GOAL High School has been changing lives since 2008, serving as a safety net for at-risk youth in almost every community throughout the state of Colorado! GOAL strives to employ the most passionate educators and support staff available to provide a comprehensive system of wrap-around services and mentorship to not only help students earn their high school diploma, but to ensure our students have the skills and confidence to be successful in the next chapter of their lives.GOAL serves such an important role in providing high school students with a unique choice that includes high quality instruction in a flexible learning environment using both online instruction and face-to-face support.GOAL’s approach goes far beyond the online classroom. In addition to essential supports that are available in each of our 40 drop-in centers strategically located throughout the state, we also support our students as they begin their first part-time or full-time jobs with our Work-based Learning Liaisons.This past year, GOAL saw many accomplishments as we were recognized by Microsoft as the “Biggest Impact School of the Americas,” one of three Microsoft Showcase schools recognized in the world. We also were recognized as one of the top 150 workplaces in the state of Colorado by the Denver Post and one of the top workplaces in Colorado Springs by the Colorado Springs Gazette.None of this would have been possible without the combined talent and commitment of a very dedicated group of individuals who have joined the GOAL High School team. Throughout this year’s annual report, you will meet and learn about the many faces of GOAL. The entire staff works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our school is high-performing in all aspects of our operations and that we meet the needs of each and every student we serve.

Our Mission

DEvelop productive members of society


Helping all students achieve their full potential in a caring, supportive and personalized environment!

Student Celebrating While walking on the stage to receive their diploma.
Ted Del Duca
Board President

A feeling of belonging...

Since 2008 GOAL High School has been changing the lives of students who need a different way of learning. At GOAL High School, students feel like they finally belong at school. They have experienced staff that offer a consistent positive presence. The GOAL staff celebrates students for being unique with a caring and understanding culture free of judgement.Many students feel disconnected from school, work, and society, missing out on the chance to learn, grow, and make a difference in the world. However, GOAL High School offers a unique learning experience for students who need a different way of learning. The school lets you study online at your own pace and schedule, while providing the support and guidance you need from local teachers and mentors in person or virtually. The staff at GOAL takes the time to know the students and all the potential they have to offer, even when it isn’t obvious to them. GOAL High School has many options and pathways for students to explore their interests and goals, whether they want to go to college, get a job, join the military, or start their own business. The school cares about you as a person, not just as a number.At GOAL High School, students find a sense of belonging. The school has a community of students and staff who understand your challenges and celebrate your achievements. Students have a network of partners and resources who can help them overcome their obstacles and opportunities. The school has a culture of respect and empowerment that inspires students to be themselves and to be their best.A sense of belonging is not just a feeling, it is a key to success and happiness. It helps students feel more confident and motivated, and students become more involved and responsible in the community.

Our Continuous Improvement Journey...

GOAL continues its vision to help all students attain their full potential

Portrait of Dr Jones
Dr. Constance Jones
Chief Executive Officer

Early in the 2020-2021 school year, GOAL High School’s leadership team began the process of reviewing the 2017 – 2022 strategic plan to determine the driving factors and needed changes for a new strategic plan that would begin in the 2022-2023 school year. During this time, it was decided that a new format was needed that would better reflect the contributions of all departments and staff members and provide a continuous improvement model that addressed the needs of both students and staff. The first step was the creation of five pillars representing all aspects of our work followed by the identification of unique goals for each pillar that would determine our priorities and help to focus strategies to meet each of the goals.Early in the 2021-2022 school year, the formation of the Chief Executive Officer Cabinet that included the department directors of Exceptional Student Services, Application Services and Technology, Infrastructure Services, Operations, Communications, Student Services, Human Resource, Finance, Curriculum & Instruction, Compliance, in concert with the chief officer team representing Executive, Academic, Finance, and Information Technology began collaborating to design the strategic plan pillar committees. All staff across the state were surveyed on the appropriateness of the pillars and goals and they were invited to express their interest in the different pillars and goals. The identified pillar committee chairs invited the staff to join in committee meetings held throughout the school year. As a collective collaborative whole, these committees identified specific measurable strategies that staff across the state could utilize over the next five years to fine tune GOAL High School’s processes and procedures. Each committee is dedicated to the continual work of leveraging these strategies to improve the school, communicating their progress to stakeholders, and tracking successes made through this powerful continuous improvement process.

Parent Hugging Their Graduate

Pillar 1



GOAL provides a flexible option for disconnected youth in Colorado (more than 70,000 Colorado students). Staying accountable to the Colorado Department of Education and the communities we serve is our focus every day.
Our population is 50% 12th grade students. The state focuses on test results of 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. We were approved to use the alternate measure of academic growth of our seniors that would not have been represented otherwise. GOAL is a very out of the box thinking school, which I think is what led to our success.
Gender:  Female – 51.7  Male-48.3Ethnicity: Hispanic 49.9%, Not Hispanic 50.1%Race: Caucasian – 87.8%, African American – 8.6%, American Indian – 10.3%, Asian – 1.5%, Pacific Islander – 1.9% of students report at least one at-risk factorAlternative Education Indicators: Drop out – 858, History of Suspension – 557, Loss of Parent or sibling – 995, Parent drug/alcohol abuse – 478, Teen parents – 317, Endured trauma, anxiety, bullying and/or depression – 1273Attendance 95.4%Retention rate of 77.8% (Students who returned after completing the previous year)3.4% of students were previous drop-outs

Karla Ash - Senior Director of Accountability


The Exceptional Student Services department at GOAL High School is comprised of a robust group of highly educated professionals dedicated to serving our students and families.Within each program under the ESS umbrella, fully licensed and experienced staff work tirelessly to ensure all students’ needs are being met and that general education teachers are given the training and support necessary to provide students with appropriate educational opportunities and challenges. Staff in the ESS department exceed educational and experiential requirements for their designated roles. They are compassionate advocates and thoughtful leaders devoted to GOAL’s missionof developing productive members of society.

Shannon Sloane - Director of Exceptional Student Services

The most important part for a student to be successful in school is to have a team of professionals working together.Every student has different needs and different circumstances, so our staff are constantly in collaboration with various team members to make sure the students are successful.The reason to be at GOAL is because we believe in our mission, and no one is here who doesn’t love students and want to see them succeed.
670 students with Individual Education Programs27 students with Advanced Learning Plans134 students with Section 504 Plans78 statewide staff certified in CPR and First Aid40 Special Education Teachers1 Gifted Education and Section 504 Specialist4 Registered Nurses (RN)

Pillar 2



The power of live teachers through a flexible online instruction model provides the best possible outcome for the academic programming at GOAL High School. The range of course opportunities designed to fit the unique needs of our diverse student body, ensures that earning a diploma is attainable for all.
The curriculum at GOAL presents the students an opportunity to learn timely information. While the facts don’t change over time, how we make it relevant to the current real world is the gift of teaching.GOAL offers work-based learning support for students where a staff mentor partners with employers to support student’s professional development within the industry.Various areas of the state have unique industries that drive economic stability. Through career and technical education, we ensure that GOAL offers learning pathways to prepare students to serve their community when they graduate.
521 Senior recovery students11,681 English, Math, and reading Intervention Resource course enrollmentsMore than 90% of students enrolled in career and technical trades courses279 students earned credit through GOAL Ventures experiential education programming

Aryn Henneke - Director of Curriculum and Support

Pillar 3



When we discuss social-emotional growth in the same sentence as academic achievement, we are addressing the “whole child.” At GOAL High School, leadership and staff understand the importance of social-emotional learning and self-awareness. Until a student is “okay,” socially and emotionally, academics will remain a difficulty. This department strives diligently to help our students to be “okay.” 

Ramon Arriaga - Director of Student Support Services

Not all of our seniors at GOAL have enough credits to finish their studies in one year. Of those who were on course to graduate, 91% did so.GOAL graduates many students that were previously drop-outs from other schools. This leaves a positive economic impact in each of the communities that GOAL serves. Collectively, the economic impact is extraordinary.
294 Concurrent enrollment (CCE) students733 college credits earned7 graduates with diploma and associates degree25 graduates with diploma and a trade certificate93.6% Pass Rate in concurrent enrollment780 college classes taken19 enrolled in the Ascent program1,124 Graduates with a WorkKeys Workforce certificate36 Graduates over 21Summer School Enrollment 998 helping 77 graduates finishSummer School passer rate of 74%

Pillar 4



The positive staff culture of GOAL High School is what continues to set our school apart. A positive and unified staff with a strong feeling of wellness and job satisfaction is the key to meeting GOAL’s mission and vision. Happy and healthy staff members effectively role-model the traits we seek to build in our students. Individually and as a team, they mold and create productive members of society on a daily basis.

Ron Vigil - Senior Director of Human Resources

Not all regions are the same at GOAL, so human resources collaborates withregional leadership to hire the best qualified educators to meet the needsof our students locally.We have enjoyed an upward trend in staff retention. This year we are at 98%with our teachers.Our staff are happy and our students can see that… which makes for a betterlearning environment.Pillar four is staff success through social-emotional wellness and professional growth.
Top 150 Workplace award with distinction (Culture, Woman-led, DE&I)586 staff statewide149 positions hired183 full time teachersOnly 4.7% of teachers with less than two years experience147 academic coaches19 full time counselors30 counseling assistants27 social work support staff


Telling the story of greatness about the largest high school in Colorado is a task the communications team takes on with careful attention to detail, accuracy and inclusion. If there is a family in Colorado that needs the support we offer at GOAL High School, it is our mission to ensure they know all the ways they can succeed with our school.
The communications department impacts the communities of Colorado by ensuring they are well informed how GOAL can empower families through education and earning a high school diploma.Collaboration with other school communication professionals ensures that we are staying current with changes and trends in Colorado’s education industry.
Partnered with 43 community and public relations organizations Award for Publications and Digital Media Excellence Provided communications support to 8 non-profit organizations Articles were published in 30-plus print media affiliates across Colorado Social Media followers increased to influencer status by Meta

Alan Van Norman Director of Communications

Pillar 5



Providing the best environment for our local staff to support students through servant leadership is the focus of the operations team. A safe and comfortable learning space that the community can always rely on is what we strive for.

Geri Sandoval - Director of Facilities Management

Some of the most important work is developing strategies and goals to ensure we are fiscally responsible with tax payer dollars. Students and staff can succeed in a safe, professional, and comfortable learning environment.GOAL provides 40 comfortable, inclusive and safe drop-in centers.


Applications Services is a robust team of 8 talented engineers and developers with over 50 years of coding experience between them. Their work supports the seamless interface of all students, staff, guardians, and community members with the school information technology services.
When working in education technology, you have to think a little bit more abstract. You don’t get to directly work with the students every single day, but it’s an important thing to keep in mind when you’re making decisions such as what platforms the school is going to be utilizing.At GOAL, we are in a unique situation where we don’t shy away from the fact that every student is different. Our answers have to be different.Applications works to make the tools that our teachers use easierand faster. We want our teachers and our academic coachesto have more time directly interacting with and supporting students.
Over 70 applications created for staff and student supportSupports 15 third-party academic platformsDesigned a fully-automated student account creation platformResolved over 240 issues with third party integrationsAdded over 50 features and updates to applications requested by staff

Brenton Downey - Director of Application Services


Forty sites geographically designed to cover the state of Colorado; more than five thousand student computers; thousands of internet hot spots; untold thousands of feet of cable running from mainframes to internet servers, printers, etc.; thousands of tickets completed. These tasks and a myriad of others occupy the days of the infrastructure team at GOAL High School. These technology Gladiators rise to and meet the challenge daily — keeping well over 5,000 students and over 500 staff members not only functional, but thriving! It is a Herculean effort by a small but mighty team, and it is the core of what makes GOAL High School more and more successful with each passing year.

Kyle Van Acker - Director of Infrastructure Services

We decided to make Microsoft an important part of GOAL High School because when students enter the workforce that is the system most businesses are built on.When there is a new technology request, we must first determine if that aligns with our educational goals here at the school.
Over 7,500 computers prepared for staff and students Over 7,000 help desk tickets resolved 65 servers successfully maintained across the state Cybersecurity protection swatted thousands of threats, resulting in zero incidents


Ensuring the academic success of students through responsible financial management of the tax-payer funding is essential to the finance department at GOAL High School.
One of the things that I really love about GOAL is our ability to pivot. When someone has a great idea, we have the ability, and we have the model that allows us to pivot and to try something innovative.We always strive to put systems in place where we can measure the dollars that are spent on positive student outcomes.
170+ years combined experience in financeProcessed over 3,000 payments to vendors in Colorado

Bryana Burns Director of Finance

Student Data

2020 – 2021 Enrollment
2021 – 2022 Enrollment
2022 – 2023 Enrollment
71,200 Disconnected Youth 10.6% Statewide
Disconnected  Youth : Young people 16-24 who are homeless, in foster care, involved in the justice system, unemployed or not enrolled in an educational institution.
2020 – 2021 Graduates
2021 – 2022 Graduates
2022 – 2023 Graduates

GOAL High School Awarded Biggest Impact for the Americas

One of three schools, WORLDWIDE, to be recognized by Microsoft...

Portrait of Jamie TrujilloFrom educational podcasts with Microsoft, to riding the nationwide wave that is eSports, GOAL High School continues to make strides in creative implementation of technology in education. Last year GOAL held the honor of being the “Biggest Impact School for the Americas,” one of only three worldwide! Microsoft not only renewed GOAL’s status as a Showcase School, but also appointed GOAL’s Chief Information Officer, Jamie Trujillo to serve on the Showcase School Global Advisory Board! Now in forty locations across Colorado, GOAL has pioneered and continues to perfect its balanced model providing online curriculum AND in-person wrap-around student support for academics and social-emotional growth.Always at the forefront for GOAL is its continued ability to offer top notch technology through its passionate and talented team. Trujillo lays it out plainly. “Everything we do is centered around technology. If we as a school are not preparing our students for that life, and really making them more productive members of society through the technology that they’re using in their lives, then what are we doing? Are we doing it right?”Many opportunities are available to students and staff alike as a result of the school’s showcase status including free, unlimited Microsoft training and employee’s ability to become a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert.For students, one of the big draws of late has been the Esports program which, according to Trujillo, is just another tool GOAL applies to increase engagement. Esports Statewide Head Coach, Scott Elliot, who also Principals the Central Region for GOAL, concurs that the benefits of the program are far-reaching. He mentions the ability to reconnect with “hard to reach students,” and “reflects on the reduction of at-risk factors amongst students who become actively engaged”. He cites one specific example of a completely disconnected freshman student who was “taken under the wings of senior students” as he participated with them on their eSports Team, allowing him to “come out of his shell” and to flourish academically, not to mention being a part of their state championship gaming team!Modern educators are beginning to agree that students do not care how much you know until they know how much you care… about what they care about! Through purposeful innovation, GOAL continues to be the leader in the field of innovative education for the 21st century!

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