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Your Best Choice for Flexible Online instruction with Face-to-face support in a Safe and Caring environment at a Drop-in Center near you!

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Explore What Makes GOAL Special

With over 6,000 students, GOAL High School is the largest high school in Colorado, and the smallest high school in each community we serve.


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Concurrent enrollment allows qualified high school students to take college courses for free and earn credits for high school and college. GOAL High School offers this opportunity to its students and covers the costs of tuition, books, and fees. Students can start taking college courses as early as their freshman year and work towards an associate degree. GOAL High School has agreements with many community colleges, state colleges, and universities. Students should consult with their counselors to plan their courses and be aware of the academic expectations and implications of concurrent enrollment.


GOAL High School helps students finish high school and get ready for college or work. There are 2 ways to get a diploma: GOAL 22 and Senior Recovery. You can see what classes you need on our website. 

We make our classes fun and useful for all students. We use Colorado and national standards to make sure you learn what you need. You can also choose from many Electives that teach you skills for different jobs, like Business, STEAM, IT, Health, Law, Military, and Construction. You can see all the classes we have here.

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GOAL’s Career and Technical Education Pathway Program is designed to help all students explore potential career options and develop skills and learning needed to obtain a successful career path after high school. We want to help our students identify several occupations matching their interests and skills that support a post high school career plan with opportunity to advance in the future. GOAL’s career pathways offer students the chance to obtain technical skills, industry certificates, and college credit.

Senior Recovery

Senior Recovery is a program for re-engaging students motivated to enter the workforce and become a productive member of their community by earning a high school diploma. The diploma is earned by developing the knowledge, skills, and competencies to promote employability and post-secondary learning, while showing competency in core academic areas. Senior Recovery students 

Students entrance requirements: 12th grader, 8.0 GE STAR MATH on most recent test in current school year, 8.0 GE STAR READING on most recent test in current school year. To learn more about the courses in the Senior Recovery program please see the course guide below.

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GOAL is proud to offer both a recreational and a competitive eSports program! Are you a gamer? Would you like to become one? Are you a serious competitor, or do you just enjoy gaming?

Club play at the student drop-in centers open to all 
Intra-Mural Play – Site vs. Site 

Competitive statewide and national competition with eligibility – NCAA clearinghouse reporting from GOAL could earn you college scholarships as an eSports athlete. 

H.S.E.L. High School Esports League 
CHSAA PlayVS — Colorado sanctioned eSports league


GOAL Ventures is GOAL High School’s unique experiential education program that inspires life-long learning skills, provides class-specific core credit, and contributes to life skills development. 

Each GOAL Ventures course offers an online portion combined with an experiential component where students travel to unique locations and learn real world skills and concepts. GOAL Ventures helps you challenge yourself and inspire others.

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GOAL believes in supporting the whole student, from graduation to basic needs to total physical and mental wellness. Our Student Support Services Department is committed to helping every student at GOAL. Whether it is helping students with graduation, post-secondary options or assistance with basic needs our dedicated team is here to help. We have established many community partners across the State to assist our families. In addition, we also provide group or individual support to help students who may be experiencing a difficult or unique situation. The Student Support Services Department works to provide every student with the resources they need for success.


The Exceptional Student Services Department at GOAL has four programs:   

  • Gifted Education: helps students who excel academically and need more challenge 
  • School Health: supports students’ physical and mental well-being 
  • Section 504: provides accommodations for students with disabilities 
  • Special Education: offers individualized instruction and services for students with special needs 
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