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March 12
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March 23
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March 30
Developing Productive Members of Society
Helping all students achieve their full potential in a caring, supportive, and personalized environment
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GOAL is currently accepting enrollments for 2020/2021 second semester.
  • Excellent academic coach / teacher to student ratios
  • Certified and highly-qualified teachers and certified administration
  • Concurrent Enrollment – FREE college credit
  • Career and Technical Education
  • GOAL Ventures – For Credit Field Trip Program
  • Student Council, Prom, Sports/Activities at your local school
Wisdom from GOAL Graduates
“Being at GOAL has taught me discipline, integrity, and accountability in life.”
Dominic Nava - 2020 GOAL Graduate & Digital Media Intern
“GOAL offered me a second chance… Not just to get a diploma, but to understand the world better. It was the first time I ever felt like I mattered.”
Santiago Delgado Peden - 2020 GOAL Graduate, Lakewood
“I put my all into this speech, but it isn’t for me any more… It for all of you who worked so hard. It’s for those of you who weren’t sure if you would graduate. For you and I it is different. It is proof that we matter.”
Kiara Blea - 2020 GOAL Graduate, Aurora Mall
What makes GOAL special?

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GOAL in the News
Where Teachers are Mentors

From jamming with a Grammy-award-winning musician to sewing with an accomplished seamstress, classes at the GOAL High School are anything but typical.

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Teacher Profile: Meghan Craddock

“Meghan runs engaging, educational and interesting classes for her students. What sets her apart, though, is what she teaches students about life, resiliency, grit and themselves.

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GOAL recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School!

One of less than 300 nationwide, and the ONLY Alternative Education Campus to ever reach this recognition!

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GOAL Academy continues to grow

Despite the chaotic atmosphere surrounding efforts to combat and limit the spread of the coronavirus, including the closure of entire school districts, GOAL Academy High School has continued to serve its students without interruption.

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