GOAL Academy Accessibility Center

GOAL Academy’s Commitment to Accessibility

GOAL Academy strongly believes in equal educational opportunities for all students, regardless of any disabilities they may have. The GOAL Academy Community works closely together to remove any barriers that prevent student success for anyone who may have physical or mental disabilities. 

At GOAL Academy, the Technology Team believes in “Empowering Student Success Through Technology”. This applies to anyone, no matter their disability.

GOAL Academy values diversity across the school. Inaccessible curriculum or technology negatively impacts both the contributions of our students and their potential success. GOAL Academy actively works to ensure that all technology is fully accessible.

Why Does Universal Access Matter?

At GOAL Academy, we believe that every student can succeed. We consider it our duty to ensure that there are no technological barriers for any student, no matter their disability. At GOAL Academy, our school’s mission is to Develop Productive Members of Society, which includes ALL students.

Enrollment at GOAL Academy means all students are ensured the same academic experience, no matter their situation or location.

How Does GOAL Academy Provide Universal Access?

Graduate celebrating as they walk on the stage to receive their diploma.

GOAL Academy builds, deploys, maintains, and encourages the use of multiple accessibility tools by students, faculty, and community members. In addition to accessibility tools within Office 365, GOAL uses tools developed by our curriculum partners, and subjects all new applications or websites to rigorous ADA testing to ensure compliance. 

For students who may not have internet access readily available to them, GOAL Academy provides both a computer and a cellular data hotspot. There are no pre-requisites to receiving these items, and all students are eligible, no matter their situation.

How Does GOAL Academy Ensure Technological Accessibility?

GOAL Academy puts all websites, collaboration platforms, curriculum, and any other digital tool through a rigorous ADA test to ensure compliance. In addition, GOAL works within the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to ensure our commitments are met. WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

In addition to these rigorous standards, GOAL Academy trains all faculty on the proper use of accessible technology.

GOAL Academy’s Accessibility Policy

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