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GOAL Academy’s Commitment to Student Data Privacy and Security

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GOAL Academy takes our students’ data privacy and security seriously. We feel, at GOAL Academy, that we play an important role on our students’ pathways to Becoming a Productive Member of Society. To that end, GOAL Academy believes that we have an obligation to protect the most important resource our students possess: their digital identity. GOAL Academy has adopted a set of guidelines and policies to guide our school in the never-ending protection of these identities through our GOAL Academy Student Data Privacy and Protection Policy

At GOAL Academy, we recognize that the threats to our digital information exist in every form. We believe that all GOAL Academy staff share in the responsibility to protect our students’ information and that we all must pursue the best security available to our students and their families.

GOAL Academy strongly adheres
to and advocates these policies.

Our Board of Directors has confirmed their commitment and support of security and privacy protection by ratifying these policies and holding GOAL Academy staff accountable for their successful implementation and oversight.


GOAL Academy uses a combination of best practices and procedures to safeguard digital information.

  • End-to-end data encryption
  • User and role-based authentication to both our online systems and our network as a whole
  • Redundant data centers to preserve and protect information
  • User privacy policy and security training
  • Creation, ratification, and enforcement of policies to govern the use of all GOAL Academy technology resources
  • Multi-layered network defense systems within and outside of the GOAL Academy network
  • Regular audits and compliance monitoring and training
  • Strict adherence to Colorado Department of Education guidelines on data privacy and security
  • Strong partnerships with our on-demand and contract software/platform vendors to ensure compliance with CDE guidelines
  • Strict adherence to federal laws, such as FERPA (Family Education Rights & Privacy Act)

Through our normal course of operations, GOAL Academy collects and preserves the following data:

  • State, Local, and Federal Assessment Data
    Used to help our academic professionals improve the programs that GOAL Academy offers
  • School Operations and Student Demographic Data
    Used to keep our schools safe and provide compliance reports
  • Student Surveys
    Used to assist our academic and administrative professionals to pursue continuous improvement
  • School-specific Data, such as Attendance, Retention, Grades, Program Codes, and Plans of Study
    Used to help our students succeed in the right pathway for them

Yes. GOAL Academy uses educational technology partners to improve our academic experience for all our students. We expect our online service provider partners to adhere to state and federal laws protecting student data privacy. We also expect our partners to use best practices to secure the information they collect.

GOAL Academy requires our partners to disclose the types of information they collect and provide policies governing the use of that information. Additionally, agreements may be executed between GOAL Academy and online service providers as necessary. 

GOAL Academy’s list of online partners and their policies

This varies depending on the type of information. GOAL Academy Document Retention Schedule

GOAL Academy follows Colorado Department of Education guidelines on the retention of personal information. CDE information

Data helps us all be better educators! We use data to build better curriculum for our students. We use data to help parents and guardians access and monitor their child’s progress. We use data to provide targeted feedback to our students so they can pick the right programs for them. Finally, we use data to measure our school’s performance to ensure we are deploying resources to the right places. In short, we use data to be the best school for our students!

No. GOAL Academy is required by law to collect certain information for enrolling and currently enrolled students. This includes parents and guardians as well.

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