GOAL Riding Atop the eSport Wave!

GOAL Returns to National Prowess in the eSports Realm!!

—-One of 16 teams invited to national tournament

  • Club Time and Statewide Engagement:

GOAL High School’s eSports clubs meet weekly, fostering camaraderie and skill development among students. J.C. Spencer, statewide assisstant coach, highlights the ability to reconnect with “hard to reach students.”

  • Cutting-Edge Gaming Hardware:

Equipped with high-performance gaming technology, GOAL students stay at the forefront of eSports.

  • Intramural Leagues and Tournaments:

The school hosts intramural leagues with more than 60 teams statewide competing in bracketed tournaments.

  • Colorado High School Activities
    Association & Regional Competitions:

GOAL actively participates in CHSAA-sanctioned regular season and tournament play. Competition also takes place through the Play Vs. platform where GOAL competes in the Mountain Region. Each game title has its own head coach – under the watchful eye of Spencer and head coach Scott Elliott who touches upon the reduction of “at risk factors” amongst students who become actively engaged.

  • Featured Titles:   Competition features League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch 2, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart.
  • Beyond the Game:  eSports benefits students beyond gaming by encouraging engagement in their education resulting in heightened success in the classroom. GOAL has clearly been the pioneer of educational innovation for more than 15 years wit eSports being the latest in a long line of creative and effective ideas. CIO Jamie Trujillo lays it out plainly, “Everything we do is centered around technology. If we as a school are not preparing our students for that life, and really making them more productive members of society through the technology that they’re using in their lives, then what are we doing? Are we doing it right?”

  • Recent Events:

GOAL’s Overwatch 2 team competed in the Play Vs. Cup, and was one of only 16 teams invited from across the nation! The team had a 3-0 round 1 win, advancing them to the “Great Eight,” where they finally met their match! What a run it was and GOAL is proud of this amazing team. Next year will be even better!!

  • Future Vision:

Spencer and Elliot plan to grow and enhance the eSports program in the years to come. GOAL leadership is behind them every step of the way.

  • How to reach us:

For media or any other inquiries, contact J.C. Spencer: [email protected]   or visit GOAL’s website at:  goalac.org or

Contact GOAL by phone:   877-776-4625.

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