GOAL students and staff on the Capitol steps.

GOAL Ventures…to the Capitol!

In a time-honored tradition, GOAL High School made its annual trip to Denver for its “Day at the Colorado State Capitol” on February 5th and 6th with 35 students and a dozen staff members. Following a fun afternoon and evening of meeting new friends from across the state, the students headed to the Capitol for a tour and to spend time on the floors of the Colorado House of Representatives and Senate.

GOAL Staff and students mingle
Chief Academic Officer, Jill Toussaint (left) and Chief Executive Officer Constance Jones, PhD.(right) enjoy chatting with GOAL students on the trip.

Pueblo County House Representative, Tisha Mauro’s announcement of the visitation of Colorado’s largest and most innovative school was met with warm applause. Following the time in the live session, Mauro was joined by Ryan Armagost of Weld County and Ron Wilson of El Paso County in a personalized Q & A Session with the students. Each of the three counties has multiple GOAL student drop-in centers.

Heather Trujillo, a Finance Generalist II with GOAL, is responsible for all travel for the school. Mrs. Trujillo also has a son who is a GOAL alum and a son who currently attends GOAL.  She made the trip as a chaperone emphasizing that “It’s a great opportunity for them [GOAL students] to grow in a lot of ways… going on an overnight… meeting fellow students from different areas…getting to see the Capitol. It’s a ‘grown up’ thing.”

Students come away with new friends, lasting memories and, perhaps most of all, new insights into the wide world around them. The GOAL Ventures Team continues to positively impact young lives by exposing them to interesting and diverse experiences, planting seeds for their future as productive members of society!

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